The Machida Karate Academy, locaded in Lomita, California, is the Headquarters of the Machida Karate System. Founded in 2016, Lyoto Machida and his brother, Chinzo Machida builded their dream: a place to develop their own system of Martial art. At the Machida Academy was born the Machida Karate System. A new methodology based in research and development of the most effective techniques.

With 3 rooms fully equiped and more than 20,000 square feet, the Machida Karate Academy provides classes for kids from 4 years old to adults over 80, in the best environment possible. Group classes and private classes occur at the same time in different rooms, providing options for all students.

  • Full equip facility for safety training.
  • Pristine Clean with the best products.
  • Group classes and 1-1 training.


Machida Academy is proud to be a extremely clean facility. The employees are trained to use only specific products that kills all bacterias, keeping a safe environment to train.

Chinzo Machida

With over 35 years of experience and knowledge, Chinzo Machida is one of the greatest Shotokan Karate competitors ever to exist in Brazil.

A 12-time National Brazilian Champion, he also earned the 2nd place at the Shotokan Kumite Worlds in 2006. Today, Chinzo is a professional MMA fighter, currently fighting for Bellator MMA, which stands as the second largest MMA organization in the world.

Besides his fighting career, Chinzo serves as the program coordinator and one of the main instructors at the Machida Karate Academy. Working hand in hand with Master Machida, he ensures that the integrity of the art is preserved across all programs.

Teaching is a great passion of Chinzo’s. He devotes himself wholeheartedly to sharing his knowledge, helping others refine their skills and reach their fullest potential.


Yoshizo Machida is a Japanese 8th Dan Shotokan Karate sensei, who was born in Ibaraki, January 29, 1946. He started his karate training with sanseis Togushi, Soichi Yamamoto, Masahiko, Tanaka, Takahashi, Nakayama, and Nishiyama.

By the age of 23, Sensei Machida had many qualified students that helped him grow through teaching. Sensei Machida migrated to Brazil in 1968. Het met his wife soon after and decided to stay in Brazil permanently to share the art he loved.

To this day, Sensei Machida trains karate every day because he loves it! He believes karate prepares the practitioner to navigate everyday challenges and overcome self-imposed limitations utilizing “spirit force.”

As the former Brazilian National Team coach, Sensei Machida is currently the president of honor of JKA Brazil Association and holds the rank of 8th Dan black belt by International Traditional Karate Association.

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