The Machida Karate Advanced Program is designed based on the most effective Martial Arts Principles in the World. The Curriculum is divided into 3 areas: Machida Grappling, Striking Strategies, and Fight Application.

These concepts are based on the most advanced Martial arts masters, such as Funakoshi, Nishiyama,  Helio Gracie, and many more that inspire the Machida Family to create this program.

Organized as a University, each day will focus on one specific technique, and the student is able to practice at the Dojo and at Home, using the Machida Virtual Dojo. The techniques and drills are based on MMA training of Machida Pro Team, showing the modern way to apply traditional karate. In addition, the Machida Advanced program is open to Black Belts from other Karate styles that want to learn advanced Machida Karate skills.

In order to join this program, you must be a Machida Karate Orange Belt and up or a Black Belt from Traditional Karate.

Chinzo Machida


With over 35 years of experience and knowledge, Chinzo Machida is one of the greatest Shotokan Karate competitors ever to exist in Brazil.

A 12-time National Brazilian Champion, he also earned the 2nd place at the Shotokan Kumite Worlds in 2006. Today, Chinzo is a professional MMA fighter, currently fighting for Bellator MMA, which stands as the second largest MMA organization in the world.

Besides his fighting career, Chinzo serves as the program coordinator and one of the main instructors at the Machida Karate Academy. Working hand in hand with Master Machida, he ensures that the integrity of the art is preserved across all programs.

Teaching is a great passion of Chinzo’s. He devotes himself wholeheartedly to sharing his knowledge, helping others refine their skills and reach their fullest potential.